Deepskin Organics

Maria Akerberg

The guiding philosophy of Maria Akerberg is one that is based on the idea that real skincare brings out the natural beauty within each one of us and nourishes deep within the skin providing lasting results. The aim of the products is to help the skin help itself – using to nourish, remoisturise and reconstruct the skin’s natural barrier. The ingredients are based on pure, natural minerals and organic, plant-based ingredients that interact to soothe, protect and strengthen all of the skin’s layers – without damaging or interfering with the natural processes of the body or our nature. The products do not contain any chemical emulsifiers, preservatives or emollients. No synthetic fragrances or artificial colouring. To summarize – Maria Akerberg Deepskin Organics is a clean, high quality product made by a company with integrity that is not afraid to be transparent.



YonKa is a complete line of Face, Body and Sun skin care products, comprised of premeasured essential oils, botanical extracts, fruit acids and marine extracts. It is based on the philosophy that the skin will receive all it needs to find its balance and energy through bio-integrated plant therapy. The line is formulated and manufactured by Laboratoires Multaler, a French company, pioneers in aromatherapy and phytotherapy. The incredible therapeutic benefits of essential oils help to tailor the treatments to each individual’s specific needs.