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Cidesco Diplomat, R.H.N, M.Ed (2020)


Reflected through a lifelong passion for wellness, Gabriella is an ambassador in the skincare industry. Growing up in Sweden, a holistic approach to health and skincare always resonated with her.

Malva spa reflects Gabriella’s many years of experience and education. A firm belief that nutrition is the missing piece to skin health is a main focal point for Malva Spa. Working to understand the underlying cause of skin concerns by incorporating all elements of quality skin care, we aim to create a treatment plan unique to each client.


As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by skincare and products! As a child, I would make “creams” scouring the bathroom cupboards using anything and everything I could find. I would pick flowers and add them for colour and spices from the kitchen for scent. Not knowing anything else, I loved the texture, the scent and how it made me feel. Growing up, I suffered severely from eczema. I was prescribed creams, UV treatments and baths at the hospital with little success. This further sparked my interest in skin care and products as I was constantly trying to find products that would soothe and not aggravate the condition.

After graduating from University – still with an unwavering love of skincare – I entered the world of esthetics  and now had every product one can imagine at my fingertips. I used beautiful products and serviced clients offering wonderful facial treaments. However, I started to question the effectiveness and safety of the products when I didn’t see the results I expected; a healthy, vibrant skin for my clients. Imagine my disappointment. I knew that my treatments and products alone were not going to help my clients. I read their health history and knew that there was more to healthy skin than just prescribing products and that I needed to talk to them about nutrition and diet and its impact on skin health.  I decided to dive deeper into the world of nutrition to be able to offer a more holistic approach to skin care.

What we know now is that no product alone – without a healthy lifestyle and diet – can bring about a healthy skin.

It truly is a holistic concept. We know that most products contain at least some ingredients that are harmful to our bodies and our environment, and that it is very much up to each one of us to try to figure out what is safe and effective. There is an ongoing discussion whether or not one can reach optimal results using “organic” products. The way I see it is that it ultimately comes down to our attitude towards our health and the environment.

I believe that using products that are “pure”, in combination with effective clinical skin care treatments, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle and exercise is really the only way to achieve a healthy, vibrant and glowing skin. After all – if products which do not contain harmful ingredients can give you the results you want – why would we not choose those?

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Gabriella began her professional career with a B.A in Psychology from University of Guelph, Ontario. She has continued her education, graduating with honors, from the Esthetics Program at Sheridan College followed by receiving the highly reputable Cidesco Diploma. Gabriella is currently completing her Master’s degree in Adult Education and Global Change for Linkoping University and is looking forward to completing her diploma in Holistic Nutrition from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2020.

Gabriella’s credentials are complemented by her many years of work within the skin care industry. Over the years, she has gained experience in different roles. She currently works as Professor and Program Coordinator for the Esthetician and Medical skin Care Program at Georgian College in Barrie, for which she developed the curriculum. Gabriella is committed to lifelong learning and maintains her practical skills and knowledge through continued professional development in all areas of esthetics.


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