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Nutritional Skin Care may not yet be a familiar concept to you, but something

that could possibly become part of many skin care services in the future.

What is Nutritional Skin Care? To put it simply – it is an integrative approach to healthy skin. This skin-health link combines healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices with safe skin care products and non-invasive aesthetic treatments. Together, these elements help to build a strong and sustainable foundation for optimum skin health.

The connection between skin health, diet and digestion is an exciting area of research that is gaining more attention in skin care circles. In the following blogs, I will explore concepts such as the microbiome, probiotics and nutrition that supports skin health.

An aesthetician who incorporates nutrition is essentially a wellness practitioner supporting clients with an integrative approach. As a client, you can expect your skin care therapist to do the following:

  • Provide innovative and personalized skin care treatments and skin health coaching programs
  • Promote healthy food and lifestyle choices
  • Use non-toxic, bio-individualized topical skin care treatments and/or recommendations to support your skin care goals
  • Coach you along your path to reach your personal skin care goals in a manner that does no harm and respects your own body’s innate ability to heal
  • Provide education, support and accountability

The difference between traditional skin care and nutritional skin care lies partly in the assessment and recommendations. In addition to a visual assessment, the nutritional aesthetics practitioner will take a more detailed health and life history that includes diet and lifestyle. This will assist the practitioner in creating a home care regime that includes products, nutrition, exercise and self-care.

Check back in a few weeks when I will discuss another topic in nutritional skin care.